42 Draft Ultimate Oil Catch Can

  • 42 Draft Ultimate Oil Catch Can | Recirculation into the Intake System
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Ultimate Oil Catch Can
42’s oil catch cans take the basic idea of an oil catch can to the next level!

Every internal combustion engine has pressure and blow-by gases in the crankcase and valve cover. Some engines do a better job of separating the oil vapors before reaching the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) vents than others. Most engines don’t, sending a nasty mix of oil vapor and waste gases out the PCV vent and into the intake system. These vapors smother important (and costly) sensors with oil and gunk. In extreme cases, this gunk can build up on the valves killing performance. On a micro level, oil vapors displace oxygen molecules altering air-fuel ratios and effectively lower the octane level of your fuel.

The concept is simple – trap the oil vapors in the PCV system before they have the opportunity to reach the air intake. It takes more than an empty can and some tubing to achieve this task. From the start, our oil catch cans are designed to pick up where others leave off. Our inlet and outlet fittings are made from ¾” tubing, the same basic size as the OEM PCV fittings and hoses. Larger inlet and outlet fittings allow for uninterrupted flow from the PCV vent to the can and back. Tubing smaller than stock will restrict the PCV vent and the flow of vapors. As PCV gases enter our catch can they disperse and turn upwards, forced to flow through a series of four filter screens. As the gases flow through these screens, heavy oil and gunk sticks and lighter gases reach the outlet tube at the top. Accumulated oil and gunk naturally runs off the filter screens and collect at the bottom of the tank. Without these screens, only a fraction of the liquids are trapped by the catch can. A bottom drain allows the tank to be drained without removing the entire catch can.

We currently offer two models, both based on the same successful internal design. Our Ultimate Oil Catch Can offers features and options found nowhere else. Our Stealth Oil Catch Can offers the function of our ultimate can in a discrete package.


Ultimate is a strong word. Claiming that your latest creation is "the ultimate" of anything gives the word even more power. It takes some serious confidence and a gross lack of modesty to advertise a product as the best there ever was, is, and will be. We're not claiming victory, but we are confident that we have created an oil catch can that stands above the rest, in very relative terms.

Built to function, our ultimate can accomplishes the fundamental job of an oil catch can without any additional thought or modification. Bead rolled inlet and outlet fittings allow connection of 3/4" tubing. Inside, four filter screens create a maze for the PCV gases to navigate allowing oil droplets to collect as lighter gasses pass. Gravity lends a hand, collecting the oil and gunk at the bottom of the can. A bottom drain allows the can to be drained at any time.

Beyond the basics, our ultimate can offers an industrial look and features found nowhere else. A built-in dipstick, sealed with a viton o-ring, allows you to check the fluid level of your tank at any time. The 2-piece design of our oil catch can allows the inlet and outlet fittings to point in 6 different directions for installation in any engine bay. Our lid offers 6 mounting points, ready to accept a mounting bracket at any rotation of the catch can. Included with the ultimate can are two cnc machined mounting brackets. One bracket allows for the can to be bolted to a horizontal surface. The other allows for the can to be bolted to a vertical surface. Both brackets can be flipped, modified, or even bolted together if necessary.

When it comes time for maintenence, the ultimate can be disassembled for simple cleaning. Throughout the life of the can, the filter media will never need to be replaced. Tubing can be removed and re-installed from our fittings without ever damaging them. The o-rings provided are designed to stand up to oil and heat and may never need replacement. The entire catch can is built with precision from heavy duty materials proven to stand the test of time. We can't call it bulletproof (who shoots a catch can?) but we do call it ultimate.



  • Lid, dipstick, and brackets CNC machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Outlet fitting fabricated from 304 stainless steel tubing and CNC machined flange
  • Can fabricated from 304 stainless steel tubing and CNC machined components
  • Bottom drain 304 stainless steel with ¼” NPT female threads
  • Precision TIG welding on all stainless steel components
  • Internal filters machined from 6061 perforated aluminum
  • Stainless steel hardware & viton o-rings throughout


  • Installation truly universal
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting brackets included
  • Hose barbs fit 3/4" tubing
  • Designed for recirculation into intake system
  • Sump capacity 1/2 quart (16oz)
  • Overflow capacity 3/4 quart (24oz)
  • Vehicle specific mounting solutions available

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