AEM Electronics 30 Amp Relay Wiring Kit

  • AEM Electronics 30 Amp Relay Wiring Kit (30-2061)
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AEM Electronics 30 Amp Relay Wiring Kit (30-2061) 

AEM has released a 30-Amp Relay Kit (PN 30-2061) for ensuring that electric powered accessories receive the correct current and voltage to perform at their rated performance numbers.

AEM’s 30-Amp Relay kit is designed to safeguard the performance of nitrous heating blankets, water pumps, fans, alternators, starters and other auxiliary electrical accessories that require higher current.

  • Ensures correct current and voltage at electrical accessories for optimum performance
  • Auto-reset style integrated circuit breaker with mounting tab
  • Pre-wired relay receptacles with 80” of activation and ground wire
  • 30-Amp relay (PN 30-2061) or 20-Amp relay (PN 30-2062)
  • Terminals and mounting hardware included

These relay kits have auto-reset style integrated circuit boards that help ensure any electrical shorts are remedied. Each kit includes a pre-wired relay receptacle with 80” of red wire for activation (12 gauge for 20-Amp Relay Kit and 10 gauge for 30-Amp Relay Kit) and 80” of 10 gauge black wire for a high current ground circuit, an Amp relay, circuit breaker with mounting tab, crimp terminals and mounting hardware.


  • 30 Amp Circuit Breaker, Auto Reset, Splash and Dust Proof
  • 30 Amp Relay
  • Relay Socket with 10 Gauge Power Wires 80" Length
  • 10-12 Gauge Ring Terminals
  • Red Butt Connectors

Common uses of the relay kit are for:

  • Fuel Pump activation
  • Cooling Fan activation
  • Water Pump activation
  • Alternator activation
  • Starter activation
  • NOS system activation

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