APR 2.5T EA855 EVO Stage 2 ECU Upgrade from Stage 1 for Audi TT RS (MKIII/8S)

  • APR 2.5T EA855 EVO Stage 2 ECU Upgrade from Stage 1 for Audi TT RS (MKIII/8S)
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Performance Parts for VW/AUDI: APR 2.5T EA855 EVO Stage 2 ECU Upgrade from Stage 1 for Audi TT RS (MKIII/8S) / RS3 (Facelifted) (MKIII / Typ 8V)

Product Features:

The APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade maximizes performance on the stock turbo! This upgrade requires the APR Inlet System, APR RS3 Intercooler System or APR TT RS Intercooler System, and APR Race DP with the APR Race Midpipe Exhaust System and produces 499-574 HP with 468-530 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. Gains as high as 92-165 HP and 113-165 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band with improved turbocharger spool and improved pedal mapping. To get more power, the vehicle can be outfitted with an upgraded intake, catback exhaust, a quality TB inlet pipe and other small modifications without requiring any new modification to the ECU. For vehicles that are incompatible with the upgraded APR Inlet System, expected reduced output.

APR Stage 2 is available with either the factory exhaust crackle, or a more aggressive “Pops and Bangs” exhaust crackle. This more aggressive option lengthens the duration of the exhaust crackle, increases the volume slightly, and operates in more modes, such as lifting off the throttle and changing gears. This is only enabled in Sport and Sport Manual mode. We do not suggest using the more aggressive mode unless the vehicle is catless. Furthermore, cold-startup exhaust noise and operation is dramatically reduced on all Stage 2 modes, and Sport mode opens the exhaust flaps at all times.

APR "Lo Grip" Stage 2 modes are equipped with a features that help to reduce wheel spin and aid in 60 FT and 0-60 times on street tires and unprepped surfaces. However, for vehicles equipped with much better tires and surface prep, an optional “High-Grip” mode is available to maximize launching performance!

APR Stage 2 is available for 91 AKI, 93 AKI, 100 AKI, 104 AKI and E85 fuel grades in North America, and 95 RON, 98 RON, 102 RON, 104 RON, 108 RON and E85 fuel grades in the Rest of the World.

Please note, the E85 software is not a full flex fuel program. In this mode the engine is only designed to work on E85, as found directly at the pump, including both summer and winter blends from E60-E85. Using traditional pump fuels in this mode may result in engine damage. Do not manually blend with traditional pump fuel or race fuels or use race specific barrels of E85. To ensure proper E85 content levels, APR recommends using an E85 content sensor. Before using Ethanol, educate yourself and follow our switching guide. For maximum safety, especially on vehicles that see road course use, or long autobahn top speed runs, APR recommends NGK heat range 9 (NGK-R7437-9) spark plugs gapped to 0.024" ±0.002" or 0.6mm ±0.05mm with a change interval of 10-15,000 mi or 16-24,000 km. DO NOT remove or unplug the exhaust valve actuator motors. Doing so will cause the ECU to greatly reduce output.


  • Audi RS3 (Facelifted) (MKIII / Typ 8V) All 2.5 TFSI EA855 EVO - (DAZA) S Tronic
  • Audi TT RS (MKIII / Typ 8S) All 2.5 TFSI EA855 EVO - (DAZA) S Tronic

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