APR R8 4.2L FSI V8 Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System

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Audi Performance Parts: APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System for Audi R8

The APR R8 4.2L FSI V8 Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System adds an average of roughly 46% more horsepower and torque across the entire power band, taking the R8 from 425 horsepower to 642 horsepower on pump fuel and 689 horsepower on race fuel. With 550 FT-LBS on tap thanks to the TVS1740’s positive displacement supercharger, expect instant acceleration with absolutely no lag.


Requirements and Recommendations (Each Sold Separately)

  • APR High Pressure Fuel Pumps
    The APR HPFPs expands the 4.2L FSI V8's direct injection fueling capabilities to the levels required for proper operation with the APR Stage III+ TVS1740 System. Because the pumps are sold in two different forms, they are offered separately from the kit. Entirely new pumps can be purchased, or the vehicle's existing pumps can be sent to APR for a rebuild at a discounted rate. This product is required. Product Page: APR HPFP.
  • Transmission
    The APR Supercharger System greatly increases torque over the factory output levels and as such, an upgraded clutch may be necessary to transmit power to the ground. APR highly recommends upgrading the factory clutch to one that suits the operator's intended driving style.
  • Induction System
    The APR Supercharger System was designed using the factory intake system with the included K&N Filters and OEM mass airflow (MAF) sensor housings. An intake port carbon cleaning is necessary to meet advertised power levels.
  • Exhaust System
    The APR Supercharger System was designed for operation with the either the factory exhaust system or a high flow exhaust system.
  • Motul Fluids and Lubricants
    Maintaining the vehicle's fluids and lubricants is necessary. APR highly recommends Motul's product range. Product Page: Motul

During the install, oil and coolant must be drained and should be replaced to offer superior performance and protection. The APR Supercharger Systems are now complete turnkey solutions, including everything you need down to the oil, coolant and oil filter. During checkout you'll be given the option between Motul Specific 502.00, 505.00 & 505.01 5W40 or Motul Power 300V engine oil as well as Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra Coolant. The Premium Motul lubricant package is included at a much lower than retail price point and the costs are listed below.


Additional Details

APR’s technical reach has grown enormously since opening in the 1990’s and currently represents a force of unmatched performance without compromise in the performance enhancement sector for Audi vehicles. Our previously available APR Stage III TVS1320 Supercharger System found its way on to several hundred 4.2L FSIs around the world, making it the most popular and reliable system on the market. With more than four years' worth of 4.2L FSI supercharger engineering research, development and testing, APR’s new Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System represents the pinnacle of Audi’s German engineering enhanced by APR’s American ingenuity.

In the factory form, Audi’s high revving FSI V8 can leave much to be desired compared to some of the latest technological advances brought forth by Quattro GmbH in recent years. The APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System fills the void by adding an average of roughly 46% more horsepower and torque across the entire power band. The results are nothing short of amazing; taking the R8 from 425 horsepower to 642 horsepower on pump fuel and 689 horsepower on race fuel without breaking a sweat! With 550 FT-LBS on tap thanks to the TVS1740’s positive displacement supercharger, expect instant acceleration with absolutely no lag commonly associated with other forms of forced induction.

Horsepower and Torque were measured in APR’s in-house, soundmaster dyno cell, using a dynapack all wheel drive dynamometer. Multiple stock and modified runs were conducted and the SAEJ1349 corrected results were averaged together to represent the differences between a stock and APR Stage III+ R8. Crank power figures were estimated based on Audi’s factory advertised results.


APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System Calibration Report
As Rated
by Audi
Stock 93 AKI
As Measured
by APR
91 AKI
95 RON

93 AKI
98 RON

100 AKI
104 RON

AKI - Anti Knock Index or (RON+MON)/2 for Octane Ratings  |  RON - Research Octane Number for Octane Ratings | North American Model
Rev Limiter 8,250 RPM 8,250 RPM 8,250 RPM 8,250 RPM 8,250 RPM
Speed Limiter Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Peak Mechanical Horsepower (HP) 424 HP 425 HP 611 HP 642 HP 689 HP
Peak Torque (FT-LBS) 317 TQ 318 TQ 511 TQ 526 TQ 550 TQ
Max Horsepower Gain over Stock (HP @ RPM)     +200 HP @ 5,350 RPM +220 HP @ 5,600 RPM +263 HP @ 7,900 RPM
Max Peak Torque Gain over Stock (FT-LBS @ RPM)     +200 TQ @ 5,100 RPM +214 TQ @ 4,950 RPM +239 TQ @ 5,900 RPM

Acceleration Testing

All too often performance upgrades show improvements during a single dyno pull, but lack the ability to show the same performance in real world conditions. Furthermore the dyno may be unable to illustrate the system’s response and other tuning changes designed to make the system instantly react to the drivers input. Through acceleration testing, APR’s engineers were able to improve power delivery during launches, after gear changes and prove the cooling system was up to the task of shedding heat to keep power consistent.

APR’s local certified quarter mile drag strip is a perfect and safe testing ground for high speed, 130+ MPH sprints. Using Car and Driver magazine’s measured results as a benchmark, APR’s Engineers set out to prove the Stage III+ Supercharger System was capable of increasing the R8’s performance substantially.

Car and Driver magazine measured the R8’s sprint from 30-130 MPH in an underwhelming 17 seconds. However, with the addition of the APR’s Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System, the vehicle entered a league of performance often shared by exotic supercars. Using 93 octane fuel the same acceleration test was completed 6.5 seconds faster! Through testing higher octane fuels, and eventually weight reduction and tire changes, the gap grew even larger, ultimately resulting in an astonishing 44% reduction in time.

Many more acceleration tests were performed, including record setting quarter mile passes, proving an APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System is the ultimate upgrade for R8!


Acceleration Data
Vehicle Stage0-60 MPH0-62 MPH0-100 KPH0-100 MPH60-120 MPH62-124 MPH100-200 KPH60-130 MPH30-130 MPH1/4th ET1/4th Trap
Stage III+ acceleration data collected with a Race Logic P-Box.
Stock (Car & Driver Magazine) 4.200 - - 10.600 10.700 - - 14.300 17.000 12.8 110 MPH
STG 3+ 93 AKI
Full Weight & Street Tires
3.618 3.745 3.754 7.547 6.572 7.081 7.111 8.695 10.491 N/A N/A
STG 3+ 100 AKI
Full Weight & Street Tires
3.345 3.452 3.475 7.052 6.038 6.475 6.506 7.884 9.562 N/A N/A



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