034 Motorsport Transmission Components for VW and Audi

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Recently made available in our online shop are a number of transmission components by 034 Motorsport including transmission mounts, transmission mount inserts and driveshafts.

034 Motorsport Transmission Mounts

034 Motorsports has a line of transmission mounts that match stiffness with your preferred driving conditions – track, race and street applications.034 has a Street Density Line which is approximately 10% stiffer than stock, which enables a smooth and quiet ride with an improvement in drivetrain dampening.034 also has a Track Density Line that is approximately 90% stiffer, resulting in zero drivetrain but with increased vibrations.Check out the links below to see more details on product offerings for your vehicle.

Transmission Mount Insert for your Audi

This billet aluminum insert is designed to limit transmission movement without sacrificing ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin. Buy an 034 Transmission Mount Insert for your B8 Audi here.

High Strength Aluminum Driveshaft for your Audi

The driveshaft is a link between the tranny and rearend.While you can’t gain horsepower through the driveshaft, it is possible to lose it.Aluminum is probably the most common performance driveshaft material. The lightweight aluminum shaft reduces rotational mass, freeing up horsepower from the engine and reducing parasitic loss.034’s Driveshaft features high strength aluminum, a 3.5" diameter, weight of 16lbs, precision balanced and is rated for over 1000HP.Upgrade to 034’s high strength aluminum driveshaft now.

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