Audi S4 First Steps: APR Tuning Stage II+ and Supercharger Pulley

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One week after purchasing our newest Eurotek Tuning Project Car, we’ve already begun the build for the 2011 Audi S4 S Tronic.

Performance Upgrade: APR Stage II+ Tune

First thing we did was implement an APR Stage II+ Tune.This ECU Upgrade is available through the OBD-II Port via APR’s patented DirectPort Programming, resulting in faster acceleration, improved throttle response and more power across the power band.It also adds selectable programs to your factory ECU—for example, program switching, stock mode, APR Performance Modes, Valet Mode, Fault Code Erase, Security Lockout and Anti-Theft.

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APR Supercharger Pulley

As required, we added APR’s Supercharger Pulley to take advantage of the Stage II+ Upgrade.To install the pulley, we popped it in the oven at 400 °F for about 45 minutes until it was smoking hot. The mating process went smoothly, as the pulley slid on with very little resistance and bottomed out instantly. Along with the APR Supercharger Pulley, the Stage II+ upgrade spins the supercharger faster, increasing air flow and doubles the low-end gains of Stage I.The extra power down low and improvements to the overall motor response were immediately noticeable.

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APR Power Pulley heating up in the oven

Next Steps

Aside from the tune, we added a front grill just to make the S4 look a little meaner.It’s all about the fine details.We’ve also received our Eurocode Tuning Sway Bar Kit, but we will save that install as well as a few other neat mods coming your way soon, so stay tuned for the next update on our Audi S4 build.

Photos of Audi S4 Performance Parts & UpgradesBefore installing the APR Power Pulley

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