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More power, you ask?  Then, more power you shall receive.  Just yesterday, we posted a photo of the stock exhaust on our social media outlets.

"Goodbye stock exhaust! Audi TT RS performance parts & upgrades to be posted soon..."

Our customer came in with his 2013 Audi TT RS and decided to have us implement a few APR Upgrades.  So let's all say hello to the new exhaust, the APR RSC Turboback Exhaust.  

APR's Reflective Sound Canceling Turboback Exhaust System replaces the entire factory exhaust with a high-flow, mandrel-bent, stainless-steel design with minimal bends and no restrictive baffling or valving to impede exhaust flow. Drone is completely removed and you're left with the true sound of the Audi turbocharged 5-cylinder-engine, along with increased gains in power and torque. 

By installing this exhaust, the Audi TT RS also happens to meet the requirements for an APR Stage II ECU Upgrade. So our customer was able to jump straight into the Stage 2+ Tune.  With lower exhaust gas temperature and unrestricted exhaust flow, the tune safely extracts more power and turbocharger lag is reduced resulting in quicker acceleration. While a stage 1 tune will get you up to 410 hp, stage 2+ will climb up to 431 hp. Ultimately, one shall notice an instantaneous boost in power without loss of drivability or reliability.

Next, we added on an APR Front Mount Intercooler, which is lightweight, features a much larger surface area and includes a superior intercooler core design.  By replacing the factory unit, the new intercooler system lowers intake air temperature, increases horsepower and torque, while prolonging performance.  

Finally, to top off the APR Tune, our customer decided to go mobile.  With APR Mobile, he will have access to APR's EMCS program switching features, read and clear fault codes and data log the ECU at high data rates all through the use of smart phone, tablet and other select mobile devices.

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