Client Car: 2012 VW Golf R Performance Parts & Upgrades

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Last Friday, we shared on Instagram this image of a 2012 VW Golf R that we had on the rack.  

Caption: "Just another busy day in the shop. Doing some work on this sweet ride and will share the details next week..."

As promised, here's an update on the car.  We worked on it until 7pm, getting the job done just in time for our client to enjoy his wheels for the weekend.  

APR ECU & Hardware Upgrades

Let's begin with the APR Stage II+ software.  As required for this ECU upgrade, we installed an APR High Pressure Fuel Pump and APR Turboback Exhaust System.  We added in an APR Runner Flap Delete (RFD), which eliminates airflow restrictions within the intake manifold and comes recommended for APR Stage 2+ and higher modified engines.  With the APR 2+ tune, enthusiasts should expect higher peak numbers of 362 horsepower and 370 ft-lbs of torque, along with gains of up to +103 horsepower and +111 ft-lbs through the power band with all the modifications.

Upgrade to APR Tuning for Volkswagen Golf MKVI 2010 to current

Learn more about APR 2.0T (EA113) Intake Manifold Runner Flap Delete

Buy an APR Golf R 3" RSC Turboback Exhaust System

Additional VW Performance Modifications

Aside from APR products, we put in place a Wagner Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC), which is perfect for those that seek performance gains, light weight and low intake temperatures without sacrificing too much airflow to the radiator.

Yield performance gains with a Wagner Front Mount Intercooler

Can't ever go wrong with Neuspeed, so we added a Neuspeed aircharge pipe, Neuspeed discharge pipe and Neuspeed Sport Springs.  Together the aircharge and discharge pipe remove the last restriction on the discharge side of the turbo charger plumbing.  With the Sport Springs, we were able to lower the front .75" and the rear .90".  The Golf R was looking nice and with the lower center of gravity, the ride experienced improved handling.

Learn more about Neuspeed Aircharge Pipe

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Neuspeed Hi Flo K04 Turbo Discharge Conversion

Finally, in regards to performance, we added in some Denso tuner plugs, which result in smaller gaps and one step lower plugs.  

Buy Denso Iridium Spark Plugs here.

To top it off, as we did with the S4, we installed the P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface.

Not bad for an afternoon's worth of work.  Check out the photos below and see for yourself.

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