Mini Cooper JCW R58 Coupé w/ Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust & GFB DV+

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Client Car: 2012 Mini Cooper JCW R58 Coupé

At the tail end of yesterday afternoon, we finished up a few mods for this 2012 MINI Cooper JCW R58 Coupé.  The Coupé, in essence, is a niche car designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts with performance in mind.  It's a ride with a low center of gravity, a sporty set of spoilers and meant to be driven hard.  While we only installed the Akrapovic Evolution Stainless Steel Exhaust System and GFB DV+ this time around, this car was already sporting a nice set of coil overs by Fortune Auto, adjustable rear control arms, NM Engineering air charge and discharge pipes.

As far as the modifications go from yesterday, sound quality and power gains were enhanced beyond doubt.  Akrapovic is a top of the line, luxury brand that thinks every step of the way through from engineering to product development and quality control.  It's evident in every detail.  Not only do they use homologated stainless steel tubing, they polish off the design with carbon fiber tips.  It's beautiful, but more importantly, it's effective.  

Taking a look at the rear, one will admire the smallest details.  The tips are distinctively stunning with its dual exhaust system outlet, carbon fiber cloth wrapped around a special titanium alloy core and contrasting Akrapovic logo that pops out, yet matches with the color of the MINI.  

One of the most exhilarating factors of the driving experience is the sound.  The sound that comes out of this system is a sporty and aggressive tone, without the drone and vibrations that enthusiasts just can't stand.  In addition, the Akrapovic exhaust system is significantly lighter in weight compared to that of the stock. According to the performance charts, the system offers an additional 7,6 HP and 7Nm. Finally, the Ghost Fast Bits (GFB) DV+ Diverter Valve improves throttle response, valve actuation and boost holding.  When all is said and done, we noticed a boost in power while taking it for a test drive. 

Leo, owner of Eurotek Tuning, describes the experience as “an emotional connection.” When justifying the purchase of an Akrapovic exhaust system, it’s not just about the sound, the look and the power gains. Beyond that, there’s a deeper and unexplainable emotional connection ones makes with the Akrapovic exhaust because it’s such a beautiful work of craftsmanship. You feel privileged to own such a distinguishing piece of equipment on your car.

When the Akrapovic exhaust system is shipped, it’s sealed and delivered within fabric. You unwrap this package and the system slips out like a present. Like fine jewelry. It’s a badge of honor and a commitment to excellence. Wouldn’t you want to feel that the next time you get behind your driver seat?

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