Project Car: P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface on the Audi S4

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A few weeks ago, we received our P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface and installed in on the Audi S4. It’s true what they say out there, this little gadget is an amazing addition to the ride. Here’s why:

First of all, the installation is extremely easy. It’s designed for Plug and Play, with the average install time taking anywhere between 5-30 minutes depending on car, skill and gauge options.For us, it took 15 minutes.There is no need to cut, run hoses or do any additional wiring unless you purchase the separate analog boost sensor. In our case, we opted for analog boost pressure readings rather than digital readings from the ECU and ran a vacuum/boost hose from the engine. Aside from that, simply pop off the original vent, pop on the new interface and plug it into the OBD-II connector.

Second, it somehow balances the OEM, stock look with a fancy enhancement of style and grace. It matches perfectly within the interior, yet looks amazing with the LED lights either on or off.

And finally, it’s not just a boost gauge.It’s called a digital interface because it serves as a gauge for vacuum, coolant temp, air temp, EGT, and more. In addition, it also serves as a diagnostic code reader and clearer, performance timer, and shift-light.

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Read more details on the P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface for B8 A4, S4, A5, S5 (SKU# P3AB8L) here.

Install Video: P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface for Audi B8

P3 Cars Photos (from mail to install)

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