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VW GTI Performance Parts: Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

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Recently, we installed this P-Flo Intake on our client's GTI

The Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intake for Mark 6 VW GTI does more than muffle noise and enhance low rpm/speed performance like the factory intake, which is just too restrictive. The P-Flo intake improves air circulation for better engine performance.  Combined with the 42 Draft Design catback resonated exhaust, the sound quality is amazing.  See here in this video:

The New Neuspeed Power Module

Neuspeed just released the Neuspeed Power Module, an electronic device that allows one to upgrade a Gen 2.5 or Gen 3 engine, 1.8 TSI or 2.0TSI by increasing boost.Coined as the next best thing to chip tuning, the Neuspeed Power Module is a plug and play box that modifies MAP and Boost sensors and can be easily installed or [...]

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Client Car: Neuspeed Exhaust for VW Jetta GLI

VW Performance Parts: Neuspeed Exhaust for GLI An aftermarket exhaust is one of the most popular performance part upgrades one can make to a VW. In this case, our client already had APR tuning so today we installed a Neuspeed Catback Exhaust his 2012 VW Jetta GLI. A cat back system increases the overall [...]

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VW Passat Performance Parts & Upgrades: Neuspeed Intake, APR Exhaust & P3 Cars Digital Interface

Recently, our client brought in his 2008 VW Passat 2.0TSI.  As is, this car is a beauty.  It's a mid-sized family sedan featuring a clean exterior, upscale interior and sporty performance.  That said, a few upgrades could enhance its sporty characteristics and that's just what we attempted to do. Let's start with the APR B6 2.0T [...]

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Big Time Eurotek Specials at Wuste 2014

We're just over a week away before Wuste 2014 comes into town. The local VW & Audi performance enthusiasts that come in and out of our shop have already been anticipating the big rush. Not to mention, we’ve received our fair share of phone call inquiries and seen all of the hype on the internet. We’re all very excited to [...]

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VW Golf R Performance Parts & Preload Adjustment

Eurotek Tuning is proud to offer Preload Adjustment & Corner Balancing , one of our latest offerings for performance tuning services. We are one of very few facilities to do so here in Las Vegas.You can check out what we did for our client’s car below. VW Performance Parts Remember that 2012 VW Golf R we featured with the 42DD Catch [...]

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Client Car: 2012 VW Golf R Performance Parts & Upgrades

Last Friday, we shared on Instagram this image of a 2012 VW Golf R that we had on the rack.   Caption: "Just another busy day in the shop. Doing some work on this sweet ride and will share the details next week..." As promised, here's an update on the car.  We worked on it until 7pm, getting [...]

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Client Car: 2014 VW Beetle 2.0TSI 210 HP

A client and her husband have been Volkswagen enthusiasts throughout their lives, so continuing on with the tradition she purchased a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle with which included the new 210HP gen 3 2.0TSI engine. Though this car seemingly may be restricted to limited options at this moment, we were still able to complete many mods [...]

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Client Car: 2008 Audi Q7 with a 3.6 VR6

As we get this blog rolling, we plan to share a collection of posts exhibiting Client Cars. Every day is different at Eurotek, so we figured we would give you a snapshot of the multitude of auto work we go through regularly here in our Las Vegas facility as we cater to all [...]

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