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2010 VW CC K04 Upgrade & More

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One of our client's that has been with us since the beginning, brought back his 2010 VW CC yesterday for a turbocharger upgrade.  We were able to install APR's 2.0 TSI K04 Conversion System, along with a set of Denso Iridium Spark Plugs.

The package upgrades the current factory rated 200hp and 207lb-ft Transverse 2.0 TSI Engine to produce 330 horsepower and 313lb-ft of torque on 91 octane gas.  The car now has quick boost response and minimized turbo lag, all while reducing turbo sounds in the cabin.  The car is so fast, we recommended that our customer buy a new set of wheels. 

Other VW Performance Parts previously installed in this CC are a Stage 1 & 2 Carbonio Carbon Fiber 2.0 TSI Intake, 034 Catch Can, Accuair Air Suspension System with Air Lift bags, and P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface

Check out the photos below on his ride.

VW CC Photos

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