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Client's VW Mk6 Golf GTI puts down 12.69 at 110 mph on Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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One of our loyal customers took their 2013 MK6 VW Golf GTI to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway last weekend and was able to put down 12.69 run @ 110 mph, backed with a 12.71 run.The performance parts featured on this car include an APR DSG Tune, K04 Conversion System and Carbonio Stage 1 & 2 Intake.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Results

You can see the proof in the run slips here.

Speedway Results: Run 1: 12.770 | Run 2: 12.731 | Run 3: 12.641

To learn more about the VW MK6 Golf GTI Mods list, click on the links below.

VW MK6 Golf GTI Performance Parts

VW MK6 GTI Drag Racing Videos at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Test run:

VW Mk6 GTI smokes Honda

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VW Performance Parts: Lowering the Jetta MK6

One of the most popular Jetta Performance Parts is lowering springs. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. A lot of enthusiasts want to drop their Jettas. But aside from looking sweet, there are other suspension benefits that are derived from lowering your VW including better aerodynamics, improved traction and handling, reduced rollover risk and greater comfort.VW Jetta Mk6 Performance Suspension [...]

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VW Performance Parts: Jetta Intake Systems

So you’re a Jetta owner, and you have already upgraded your ECU and installed a performance exhaust. Now it’s time to add a high flow intake system to your list of VW performance part upgrades. Why upgrade to a performance intake system? When running, the human body breathes hard in order to circulate as much air as possible. Similarly, your [...]

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VW Performance Parts: Wavetrac Differentials

What’s a Differential? The differential is the last stop before spinning wheels. It is a device that directs engine power at the wheels and allows each output to spin at a different speed. This is important because car wheels spin at different speeds, especially when turning.Instead of locking wheels together at the same speed and causing tires to slip, the differential [...]

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VW Performance Parts: Milltek Cat & Catless Exhausts for Jetta

VW Jetta & MilltekJetta is Volkwagen’s top selling model as of April 2014 with over 14 million sold. That said, many of our customers are looking to achieve that performance sound and some additional power, and in that case, a quality exhaust is the way to go. Milltek is known to be a leading [...]

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APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade for VW MK7 GTI 2.0T

The APR Stage 1 Tune for VW MK7 GTI has recently been released. Designed to produce more power and torque, APR’s ECU Upgrade increases turbocharger boost pressure and optimizes the entire for performance without sacrificing drivability or reliability. The ECU Upgrade for the Generation 3, 2.0 TSI engine, was reported to yield massive gains reaching peak figures of 305 horsepower and [...]

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Milltek Exhaust Performance Products

Milltek Sport offers an impressive selection of Performance Exhausts for Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini and BMW. Milltek Sport exhausts have a genuine performance edge - noticeable power gains, sounds that are truly awesome, styled looks that are aggressive but discrete and a feeling of true exhilaration. As one of our customers reviewed: "Great Service! Just wanted to say [...]

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#1 Performance Product: 42 Draft O2 Sensor Spacer

The 42 Draft O2 Sensor Spacer has long been the most popular product we carry at Eurotek Tuning. In case you are unaware, it’s common to see the Check Engine Light come and go after installing an aftermarket high-flow catalytic converter. 42 DD’s O2 sensor spacer is the solution. It’s well built and easy to install. As one of our [...]

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Schroth Harnesses for VW & Audi Performance Enthusiasts

We now offer a number Schroth harnesses and accessories to our customers. Schroth is known for their ingenuity in providing seat belt accessories with unique features that performance enthusiasts can appreciate. There are a number of harnesses with different features for both VW and Audi performance enthusiasts.Schroth Autocontrol II Harness features a unique inertial reel that instantly locks upon when [...]

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VW Performance Parts: Autotech Stainless Catback Tips for Golf & Jetta

After updating our catalog for Autotech performance parts, we feature Autotech’s 2.5” stainless catback exhaust tips for VW MK4 Golfs and Jettas. These sport tuned exhaust systems are 100% all-stainless steel and feature 2.5” mandrel-bent tubing. Replacing your VW’s factory exhaust will increase air flow for max hp & torque (up to 14 hp and 18ft/lbs. of torque reported). Aside [...]

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