Top 10 Euro Auto Performance Parts of 2013

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In 2013, EuroTek Tuning saw a lot more people making upgrades to their vehicles. Can you guess what the most popular automotive products were last year?

We took a look and wanted to share a list of our Top 10 Sellers of 2013:

1. 42 Draft O2 Sensor Spacer

This was by far our best-selling item in 2013, receiving many great reviews from customers.The O2 sensor spacer retracts the second oxygen sensor from the direct flow of gases, restoring the balance that the ECU requires when using a high-flow cat.

2. Bosch TT225 Injectors 386cc

These injectors are a popular option for APR Stage 1+ Upgrades.

3. Neuspeed 18” RSe12 Light Weight Wheel

Our customers love these wheels!The RSe12 features less spokes than the RSe14 to optimize the weight saving and display your fancy brake kit. As one of our customers mentioned in his review: “Look and feel way better than stock Serrons. Steering feels more precise. Fit and finish is excellent. You cannot beat the price. Continue to get lots of compliments.”

4. Wagner Tuning BMW 135i, 335i, Z4 and 1M Upgrade Intercooler N54 & N55 Engines

The EVO I Performance Intercooler-Kit from Wagner features a stepped high performance intercooler core, CAD/FEM optimized aluminum cast endtanks, plug & play installation with no need to cut or remove bumper.

5. 42 Draft Designs VW Mk5/Mk6 FSI/TSI 3” Downpipes

With this down pipe you can gain useable power and torque, quicker throttle and boost response, by increasing the size of the piping to 3" and moving the catalytic converter further away from the turbo.

6. 42 Draft VW mk4 1.8T 3” Value line Downpipe

A 3" downpipe is a worthwhile upgrade for the 1.8T engine, providing healthy power gains and a reduction in backpressure. Our 3" downpipes increase turbo response, horsepower, and torque.

7. 42 Draft Stealth Oil Catch Can

42’s oil catch cans take the basic idea of an oil catch can to the next level by trapping the oil vapors in the PCV system before they have the opportunity to reach the air intake.

8. Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake 2.0 TSI Stage I & II Complete Kit

Carbonio and APR came together to develop this affordable true cold air and ram air carbon fiber design.Here are a few words from our customer, Dan: “The intake itself is badass! It looks fantastic in the bay, and there's definitely a noticeable increase in power delivery... I'm happy that I got it after debating for a while whether or not I wanted it.”

9. EVOMS 2.0T FSI V-Flow Intake

This V-flow Air Induction systems for the MK5 VW create the most powerful VW air intake systems on the market today.

10. EVOMS 1.8T V-Flow Intake System

Just topping off the list at number 10, Evolution Motorsport’s V-flow Air Induction systems for the MK4 VW.

Do you have what you need from this list?

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