VW Performance Parts: 42 Draft Design Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution

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42 draft design oil catch canWhy should one install an oil catch can? 

Simply put, because of blow-by. This refers to the pressure and oil that is released into your intake when your pistons move up and down to produce power for your vehicle. Some of these oils get into the intake and then intercooler, engine or turbo. The consequences are a loss of horsepower and oil contamination/dilution. It inhibits performance because it results in a loss of compressions, as well as, causes a loss in fuel economy. 

One way to help minimize oil getting into your intake is to install an Oil Catch Can. Such a solution will cause a drop in pressure, ultimately trapping most of the oil in the catch can. But not just any catch can will do. Not having a properly designed catch can may potentially cause a variety of issues form throttle body malfunction to reduced octane of the air/fuel mixture, among many other hazards. 

42 Draft Design Catch Can Solution

At Eurotek Tuning, we recommend the 42 Draft Design Catch Can. A few weeks back, we installed the MK5 FSI Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution by 42 Draft Design on our client’s VW MK5 (as pictured above). The kit comes with the following: 

1. Ultimate Oil Catch Can 

2. Mk5 2.0T FSI Catch Can Conversion Plate

3. Mk5 Stealth Catch Can Mounting Bracket 

4. (5 feet) 3/4" PCV Tubing 

5. (4) 3/4" PCV Tubing Hose Clamps

6. Mk5 PCV Plug & Tap 

In terms of functionality, there are four filter screens that the PCV gases pass, allowing oil droplets to collect as lighter gasses pass, while the oil and gunk collect at the bottom of the can, which can be drained with ease at any time. Equipped with a built-in dipstick sealed by a Viton o-ring, one can check fluid levels at any time as well. To top it off, 42’s ultimate catch can is designed with a sporty look, fabricated from 304 stainless steel. 

See more details regarding the 42 Draft Design Ultimate Oil Catch Can Solution here

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