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So you’re a Jetta owner, and you have already upgraded your ECU and installed a performance exhaust. Now it’s time to add a high flow intake system to your list of VW performance part upgrades.

Why upgrade to a performance intake system?

When running, the human body breathes hard in order to circulate as much air as possible. Similarly, your VW can use the extra air that a performance intake system provides. Removing the stock air box with a high flow intake systems can increase horsepower and overall efficiency by removing air restrictions and ultimately draw in more cleaner and cooler air for combustion. A performance intake usually consists of a wider pipe with less bends, allowing more air to be delivered to the combustion chamber.

You can replace the stock air box with a performance intake, as well as, replace the rest of the pipe from the intake with a high flow pipe. By increasing the volume of air available to the engine, the combustion of air fuel mixture improves. So in addition to increasing power, an intake can improve fuel economy and is proven to be a much needed component for future. For example, cars with turbochargers or superchargers which provide pressurized air to the engine require aftermarket intake systems to yield the most efficient performance gains.

Relevant Intake Components

  • Air Filter – a performance air filter helps to clean the air before it makes its way to the engine.
  • Mass Flow Sensor (MAF) – used to find out the mass flowrate of air and necessary for the ECU to deliver the correct amount of fuel to the engine
  • Throttle Body – controls the amount of air flowing into the engine
  • Intake manifold – optimally distributes air and air/fuel mixture to each cylinder.
  • Silencer – minimizes noise in the cabin but at the cost of air flow

Performance Intakes for VW Jetta

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