VW Performance Parts: Lowering the Jetta MK6

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One of the most popular Jetta Performance Parts is lowering springs. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. A lot of enthusiasts want to drop their Jettas. But aside from looking sweet, there are other suspension benefits that are derived from lowering your VW including better aerodynamics, improved traction and handling, reduced rollover risk and greater comfort.

VW Jetta Mk6 Performance Suspension Parts

That said, lowering springs are not the only alternative. At Eurotek Tuning, we also offer Coils and Bags. What are the differences?

  • Lowering Springs – lowering springs are the most affordable method of lowering your Jetta.Simply buy a new set of lowered springs and replace the factory setup.We carry a variety of Eibach, H&R and Neuspeed springs for Jetta.

  • Coilovers – Coilover kits range from simple kit that have non adjustable valving (for ride preferences) that was originally set at the factory to more sophisticated units that allow for end user adjustment of 1 knob to multi adjustable knobs. Coilovers give the largest range in adjustability of fine tuning your vehicle’s suspension because some kits will not only provide the end user to set the height, as all coilovers do, but to stiffen or soften the handling and even more in depth fine tuning of how the coil over will compress and rebound.Eurotek Tuning carries coilover kits from Bilstein, H&R and ST.

  • Air Suspension – Instead of coils, air suspension features an adjustable suspension where ride height is managed by inflating and deflating bags.We offer a number of Airlift kits and Accuair Systems for Jettas to match your preferences.  Though Accuair Systems are not listed on our website, contact us and we can supply you with your desired product.

Ready to drop your Jetta? 

Check out our selection of Lowering Springs, Coilover Kits and Air Suspension Kits here.

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