VW Performance Parts: Milltek Cat & Catless Exhausts for Jetta

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VW Jetta & Milltek

Jetta is Volkwagen’s top selling model as of April 2014 with over 14 million sold. That said, many of our customers are looking to achieve that performance sound and some additional power, and in that case, a quality exhaust is the way to go.

Milltek is known to be a leading manufacturer of performance exhausts, stressing the virtues of power gains, sporty looks and great sounds. By installing a Milltek Exhaust on your Jetta, you will feel a sharper throttle response without loss of low end torque.

Cat vs Catless Downpipes

The down pipe is that portion of the exhaust that connects the engine to the rear exhaust piping. The factory exhaust system restricts air flow causing your VW to lag. Switching out the stock exhaust for a performance exhaust system can improve airflow and let your engine breathe.

Catback refers to everything from the catalytic converter back to the muffler. While a catted downpipe may be more expensive, it is also more emissions friendly. Refer to your state’s emission regulations before purchasing a catless downpipe. If so, can save money and gain a minimal increase in power (approximately 5 hp).

Milltek Exhaust Downpipes for Jetta

Check out the Milltek Exhausts we offer below for your Jetta MKV 2010+:

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