Active Autowerke E46 M3 Generation 7 Supercharger Kit Level 2 Complete

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Active Autowerke E46 M3 Generation 7 Supercharger Kit Level 2 Complete

Race on Sunday, to sell on Monday. This old saying is indicative of the new Generation 7 supercharger system for the E46 M3. Through countless hours of testing, it has often been quoted that the true test has always been a race environment. What better venue than Brock Yates One Lap of America Race. With a rigorous 7,000 miles to be covered within a week, and to compete against the likes of Porsches, Corvettes, Nissan GTRs, this would be the testing grounds for the new Generation Active Autowerke Supercharger system. The Active Autowerke Generation 7 Supercharger System not only proved its worth by being the highest ranked BMW within the field, but also ranked 1st in its class.

The data and technology that made this winning combination is now being applied in the new Generation 7 of the Active Autowerke supercharged E46 M3 Level 2. Reliability and power are needed if you want to be on the podium, and this new Generation 7 will deliver exactly that. Consistent, repeatable runs of over 420 WHP (510 engine horsepower) were recorded from our Level 1 kit on the Active Autowerke Mustang chassis dyno in hot 94 + degree Fahrenheit conditions with humidity in the 60% + range.

The stage 2 System boosts the S54's power output to over 600BHP and includes an upgraded fuel system (includes two fuel pumps, fuel filter, all new -6 lines, fuel pressure regulator, dead end fuel rail, upgraded injectors and all required fittings). This ugpraded fuel system is a must once reaching these increased boost levels due to the fact that the factory fuel system is simply inadequate at this level. The stage 2 system also use a larger front mount air to air intercooler and our custom methanol injection system.

Performance Specs:
Power : 605 BHP @ 7000 rpm
Torque : 395 ft/lbs @ 5400 rpm
Boost Level : 11-12 psi

Key Features:

HKS GTS8550 Supercharger  
Active Autowerke New Gen. 7 Intake Manifold w/ Dual By Pass Valve  
Active Autowerke RAM AIR intake through foglight  
Active Autowerke air filter heat shield  
Large Stage 2 Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler  
Turbo like speed with linear power delivery
Active Autowerke Methanol Injection System
Large Fuel Injectors
Upgraded Fuel System with LARGER fuel Lines for increase flow rate, CNC machined Fuel Rail, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator with liquid filled gauge, HI-Volume Walbro inline fuel pump, etc.
Supercharger Oil Cooler  
Colder Heat Range Iridium Spark Plugs  
High Performance AA Spec Green Filter  
Active Autowerke High Performance Software  
All Mounting Hardware, plumbing, hoses and clamps  
Proven Horsepower gains even under extreme conditions  
Installation Instructions included  

2 Year Limited Warranty

Dyno Chart:
note: #'s will vary depending on conditons and other variables.

Due to the horsepower created, the factory headers may become clogged making the exhaust flow very restrictive. To overcome this, the Active Autowerke headers with hi-flow metallic cats should be installed.
-More horsepower generated will develop more heat as a by product of the engine. Depending on the application such as track or race condtions, the standard radiator may become inefficient dealing with the task at hand. Active Autowerke has a slew of upgrades like the Motorsport 55 degree thermostat; SPORT fan clutch or the hi-flow, hi-volume radiator. Check with your Active Autowerke sales representative on these specific details.

Level 2 supercharger system is designed and engineered to operate in conjunction with the Active Autowerke Water/Methanol system as an integral part of the kit. Reasons to incapacitate, isolate, turn off, or not installing this system can and will void all warranty and related claims associated to the proper function of the specified Active Autowerke supercharger system.

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