APR 1.8T Front Mounted Intercooler kit for A4 02-05

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APR is pleased to present our front mounted intercooler for the A4, TT, Passat, Golf, GTI and Jetta 1.8T. The construction and advanced design techniques used in the APR intercooler sets ours apart from all the others on the market. Utilizing such technologies as a top-bottom feed core, custom mandrel bent plumbing, and innovative cast endtanks with internal vaning, our intercooler has produced excellent results in testing. The 180TT features a "C"-style intercooler, and the 225TT has a "Z"-style intercooler.

The conditions of one test that was performed is as follows: at 20 psi of pressure with a vehicle speed of 70 mph, and an elevation of approximately 500 feet above sea level. Under these conditions the internal flow was measured at 720cfm. Also at those conditions, with an input temp of 240º F, the intercooler was quite effective; cooling the output air to 126º F. While doing this, the intercooler measured a pressure drop of only .58 psi.

Equally as impressive with the APR intercooler was the external pressure drop (the amount of air pressure behind the intercooler) of only 1.01 psi. This helps to allow airflow to other critical parts of the car such as the radiator and A/C condenser. While the internal pressure drop is important, the external pressure drop is often overlooked. Most other intercoolers commonly cause 1.5 to 2.0 pounds of pressure drop, hindering the radiator from effectively doing its job of cooling the engine.

The Concept

APR's Front Mounted Intercooler Kits were developed specifically with the 1.8T engine in mind. Extensive research went into to choosing the proper sized heat exchanger and what the optimal flow direction would be. A top-bottom, bar and plate heat exchanger with proprietary internal heat sink fins was chosen. This style heat exchanger offered very competitive performance when compared to the more an extruded tube design. Along with a low internal pressure drop, this style heat exchanger excels by presenting a lower external pressure drop then an extruded tube design. This allows for more air to penetrate through it for cooling of the radiator and other essential components.

Once the ideal heat exchanger was chosen, the task of using it to its fullest potential began. Unique cast aluminum end tanks were designed to ensure that the hot air entering the system would travel the full length of the core. A precise fin structure within the end tank helps to distribute hot air evenly across the core for the most effective cooling possible. Each fin is positioned at a specific angle to direct the correct amount of air down into that section of the heat exchanger. This allows the whole core to work at dissipating the heat.

When moving this air to and from the intercooler, you want to do so with the least amount of resistance as possible. With this in mind an effective series of tubing was designed. A combination of stainless steel and silicon tubing was used to create seamless internal geometry for the air to flow through. The stainless sections are used for the longer spans of tubing. The silicon is used to seamlessly and smoothly transition between diameters and to navigate through existing hardware.

The FMIC kit would not be complete without quality mounting hardware. Careful attention was paid to this area. We found that custom sheet metal designed brackets offered a healthy balance of a strength and aesthetics. All sheet metal parts are powder-coated to withstand rust so that they will remain strong throughout the life of the product.

Overall APR's FMIC kit is the absolute best kit you will find on the market today. We work hard to design and engineer products that will last long and perform well for years to come and this product is no exception.

FMIC Components

Component Hightlights

End Tanks

Our all aluminum end-tanks are factory like cast pieces. A cast piece ensures consistency in the production process, which in turn guarantees proper fitment to the core. Once mated and welded to the core, all assemblies are pressure tested to 60psi before even arriving at APR's facility. The fins cast inside the tank help distribute the incoming air evenly across the core. The number of fins and the angle of each were changed many times until the optimum results were achieved. This design is an APR exclusive in this market. You won't find this attention to detail in any other offering.

Intercooler Core

There are two primary core designs commonly used for cooling: the bar and plate design and the extruded tube. While both offer similar performance, a bar and plate intercooler is more efficent for cooling the intake charge temparature.

The size of the core is also very important. APR started with the optimum size core that can handle applications common on the 1.8T. From a standard chipped car to a Stage III, this core is extremely efficient and does an outstanding job in reducing intake temps.


The plumbing on an intercooler system is very important. Getting the air to and from the heat exchanger is simply a necessary part of the kit. Doing this job as smoothly as possible requires a little more attention to detail. The piping included in the kit is mandrel bent, powder coated stainless steel. The beaded ends (as seen in Pro-E drawing) help keep the silicon hoses in place under pressure.

Silicone Connectors

The tooling for the silicon hoses is drawn up on Pro-Engineer and manufactured in house for precise fitment. Incorporated into the design is a recessed end, which allows the pipe to lie flush inside the hose, eliminating protruding edges that inhibit airflow.


All brackets included in the kit are powder coated and shaped from 16-gauge sheet metal for excellent strength and long lasting reliability. The spacers used to level the core are machined aluminum and fit perfectly on the machined mounting points of the end tanks.

To reinforce the modified bumper support, we have added a 14 gauge steel plate across the top of the support. This essentially replaces the portion removed from the lower half of the support, retaining the function of the assembly as a whole.

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