APR 2.0 TSI Transversal Stage 3 Turbo System

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APR is pleased to present our 2.0 TSI Stage 3 Turbocharger System for all 2008+ 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TFSI engines.

APR began developing complete turbocharger upgrade systems in 1998 and 1999 brought the release of APR's first Audi/VW turbo upgrade system, the APR 1.8T Stage III. To this day, the APR Stage III has progressed over nine different reiterations across sixteen different Volkswagen Automotive Group models from the Audi A4 and Volkswagen GTI to the Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia and has yet to be duplicated. Building upon almost twelve years of experience, APR's engineers have bested our crowning achievement, the 2.0T FSI Stage 3, through the newest technology in VAG engines, the 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TFSI. Only APR can bring such a rich history of development and OEM quality to the performance aftermarket.

VAG's newest iteration of the 2 liter, turbocharged and direct injected inline 4 cylinder engine is a complete redesign of the previous 2.0T FSI and has brought many new opportunities to performance aftermarket engineering. Lower compression, a more reliable fueling system and a complete redesign of both the cylinder head and bottom end allow for a much more efficient and reliable operation which results in a great balance of horsepower and torque potential.

APR 2.0 TSI Stage III Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire CAD Development

APR's Stage 3 was first commissioned by VWGoA for their 2008 SEMA show concept cars, the ECO CC and Performance Tiguan. Both vehicles have performed flawlessly and the ECO CC won Gran Tourismo's Best of SEMA Show European Car Award. APR's Engineering Team has performed durability and reliability testing as well as finalizing the kit for full production and is proud to release this superbly engineered solution to the performance enthusiast.

APR's Engineering Team also discovered new engine management control strategies in the new 2.0 TSI ECU that allows them to unlock even greater power delivery and drivability over previous generations. In comparison to our 2.0T FSI Stage 3, torque delivery is dramatically improved and peak horsepower is maintained even though turbocharger boost onset has been reduced by 600 rpm's!

The APR Stage III includes every part necessary to completely upgrade the turbocharger system. Each component is completely engineered to deliver a turn-key solution with no additional expenses required other than oil, coolant and the typical supporting modifications for these power levels such as a cat-back exhaust, intercooler and upgraded intake. Every nut, bolt, gasket, associated hardware and all turbocharger system components required for fitment and reliability are included as well. A complete step by step installation guide including recommended tools, estimated time of install and detailed pictures is supplied to each client. APR's expertly calibrated DPP ECU Upgrade specific to the Stage III Turbocharger System is included and is the glue that holds all of the substantial power delivery, drivability and reliability together. No other company in the world provides such a complete Turbocharger System for your TSI at these power levels.


APR's expertly recalibrated ECU Upgrade matched specifically to the Stage III hardware ensures flawless drivability and great power delivery. All OEM specifications for component strength is either followed or replaced by the Stage III hardware to ensure no premature failures of other related parts. As always, APR's included Stage III ECU Upgrade is equipped with EMCS technology to allow for the cruise control to be used to enable situation specific calibrations, options and advanced ECU features found nowhere else.


Representing the latest in turbocharger technology, an APR/Garrett Ballistic series turbocharger is the only choice for this premium turbocharger system. APR is unique in that we deal directly with Garrett turbochargers rather than buying turbochargers through turbocharger supply houses. Our engineering-house distributor status with Garrett turbochargers means that we receive assistance from the manufacturer on technical issues and work with Garrett engineers on specifying the optimal turbocharger for each application.


The Stage III exhaust manifold is investment cast out of Inconel, a high-temperature nickel alloy. The manifold was designed in CAD and optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. What this means to the end user is the ultimate in performance and reliability.


APR developed a new housing that is sized according to engine displacement and maximum power output. The new cast housing allows the proper metering of the additional airflow and to minimize pressure losses. The cast aluminum housing is CNC machined to exacting tolerances and powder-coated to inhibit corrosion. A honeycomb style flow straightener is also added to prevent the MAF from seeing erroneous signals.


After the exhaust gases have left the turbocharger turbine, they flow into this stainless steel piece that directs the exhaust gases down, towards the underside of the car into the supplied exhaust downpipe.


From the cast APR exhaust downturn, the exhaust begins its travel out of the car through the three inch downpipe that is included with the Stage III kit.


APR uses a reinforced silicone hose to route the inlet air from the MAF housing into the compressor inlet of the turbocharger. This hose also has provisions for other connections, such as the stock crankcase vent hoses and the APR diverter valve adaptor.


This silicone hose directs air from the compressor outlet of the turbocharger to the compressor outlet pipe. The APR diverter valve adaptor also connects to this hose, as well a boost signal line for the N75 boost control valve.


APR uses a reinforced silicone hose to route the inlet air from the intake into the MAF housing.


APR includes a billet CNC adaptor that allows the stock diverter valve to be reused with the APR compressor inlet hose.


APR Oil Feed Adapter


APR Oil Line


APR Coolant Lines


APR Fitting Details


All Included Gaskets


APR Crankcase Ventilation Fitting


APR DV N75 Mounting Bracket


APR DV and N75 Assembled


APR MAF Power Extension Wires


APR Coolant Drain Line


APR Coolant Supply Line


APR Coolant and Oil Line Fitting Detail and Part Number


APR Oil Feed Line


APR Oil Return Line

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