Client Car: 2014 VW Beetle 2.0TSI 210 HP


A client and her husband have been Volkswagen enthusiasts throughout their lives, so continuing on with the tradition she purchased a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle with which included the new 210HP gen 3 2.0TSI engine. Though this car seemingly may be restricted to limited options at this moment, we were still able to complete many mods to yield powerful gains and provide additional features that didn’t come with the car.

We gave it an APR Stage 1 Tune. In addition, we installed a Neuspeed intake system, Borla catback exhaust system, H&R Super sport springs, and a Neuspeed rear sway bar and pulley kit. To top it off, we coded the car and added a super cool Kufatec backup camera kit that flips open via the rear VW badge when reversing.

Overall, the APR tune provides significant performance gains to the gen 3 2.0TSI engine even in the stage 1 form. The Neuspeed intake provides the unrestricted air source needed for the engine to breathe better, while matching beautifully with the color of the car. The H&R’s dropped the Beetle 1.7” in the front and 1.5” in the rear giving the Beetle the attitude it deserved. We finished it off with the Borla catback system which contributed to the increased horsepower that the performance Beetle craved.

This newly fitted VW Beetle behaves predictably, yet the substantial power that is unleashed at open throttle is thrilling. Trust me, when you see this car drive by you, it will give you something to stare at when you're on the road. We enjoyed driving this car and had a tough time giving it back to our client.

Check out the video and photos below so you can understand why...

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VW Performance Video for Beetle

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