VW Performance: Introducing APR's DSG S-Tronic

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TCU Upgrades & DSG Tuning

Earlier today APR announced that they are now offering the transmission control (TCU) upgrade for the DQ250 Exx & Fxx DSG and S tronic transmissions! 

DSG Tuning is currently available for 2008 and newer Volkswagen (VW) Models.  Check back with us soon for updates regarding DSG Tuning for Audi models.

APR’s TCU Upgrade enhances the driving experience for both the hardcore performance enthusiast and the casual daily driver by adding a set of new features.  Performance enthusiasts will enjoy the ability to shift quicker with a higher rev limit. Meanwhile daily drivers will experience a smooth, more refined ride.

APR’s patented DirectPort Programming Suite allows the end user to customize the TCU upgrade to their individual needs. Options include user definable APR pre-optimized shift patterns, launch control RPM, manual mode max RPM, manual mode automatic upshift on or off, and manual mode automatic downshift on or off. 

We're currently in business for DSG Tunes and offering our services here at our local facilty.

That said, Eurotek Tuning already completed its first DSG Tune earlier this morning.  As soon as our client saw the the APR announcement, he called us right away and set up an appointment to get upgrade within the morning.  The performance gains were noticeable from the get go, experiencing firsthand the improvements in shifting.  Here's what our client, D. Kritz, had to say about the tune on our Facebook page

"Leo just put the tune on my GTI this morning. If you are equipped with a DSG transmission, this is a must buy!! Completely transforms the vehicle's drive characteristics. Faster shifts, more responsive D and S mode. Car now seems to respond to how you push your car. The harder I get on it, the faster and more aggressive it becomes. Taking it easy on the throttle, it will still shift at the same rate but butter smooth."

Many enthusiasts have been waiting for these features to be available and we're excited be at your service.  So if you're in the Las Vegas area, stop by our shop and be among the first to get your DSG Tune or call now to set up an appointment or ask for more details.

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