Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions


1. How long does it take to get my order shipped?

  A. In most cases we can get your order shipped within 24 - 48 hours.


2. What are your business hours?

 A. We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST.


3. Do you have a service and install facility?

 A. We most certainly do. Our Service and Install facility is located in Las Vegas, NV.


4. Do you ship Worldwide?

 A. Yes, only via FedEx and UPS


5. Can you ship USPS internationally?

 A. Not anymore. Too many poor service experiences with USPS have prevented us from

continuing to provide our customers with exceptional service. For this reason we will no longer ship USPS.


6. Does your international shipping costs include duties and customs charges?

No, it's impossible to have a calculator for every single country and province around the globe. That will always be the responsibility of the buyer.


7. Can you ship to APO AP addresses?

 A. Because we have discontinued shipping with USPS, we do not currently offer APO AP shipments.


8. How do you ship with the "free shipping" option?

 A. In most cases the free shipping option is shipped via UPS, FedEx ground service. Some packages will go out USPS priority (only in the lower 48 states).


9. Do you offer will-call or pickup of special ordered products?

 A. Yes. Being located in Las Vegas, many visitors vacationing here want to pickup their orders and take them home rather ship them, including international vacationers. We welcome and will accommodate to your needs. There are however products we do not stock and for this reason, we highly recommend an order be placed WELL ahead of time to ensure your order is here and complete when you arrive.


10. Is your website safe and secure?

 A. Absolutely. Your safety and security in online shopping is our highest priority. We use the most advanced encryption technology available and have constant monitoring of our website for any malicious attempts by certified 3rd party companies. Our website is PCI compliant with 99.99% accuracy.


11. My car is still under warranty. Will this void it?

A. Under the Magnuson-Moss act Warranty act, it is illegal for companies to VOID your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because use of an aftermarket part or product.


12. Can I pay with an International credit card?

 A. We have 2 payment options upon checkout, Credit Card Payments, and Paypal. Credit card payments will only except U.S. Orders with U.S. Bank issued credit cards. It will not approve a transaction processed outside the U.S, International bank issued, or being shipped outside the U.S. The only way to pay using an international credit card, shipping outside the U.S, or ordering from a location outside the U.S will be by using the 2nd checkout option by clicking on the Paypal option. This option may also be used with U.S orders.

13. Does the images directly represent the products I will receive?

A. While we try our best to provide the most accurate images of the product ordered, sometime the supplier or manufacturer limits us with quality accurate images and may make changes to the product without advising their dealers. For this reason we cannot guarantee that the images are a direct representation of the product order. Eurotek Tuning LLC & Etektuning LLC cannot be responsible for errors in pricing or image representaion on this website.


Tuning Technical Questions


1. What's the difference between a stage 1,2, or 3 tune?

 A. A stage 1 tune consists of just a tune with no hardware upgrades necessary. This is the best starting point for anyone interested in gaining more power from their vehicle. Stage 1 tunes yield the greatest BANG for the BUCK as well as an increase in fuel economy in most cases. A stage 2 or 2+ tune (depends on model) will require a hardware upgrade. Usually a high flow catted downpipe or turboback exhaust. The advantage of using our APR tuning services over competitors is that we will not charge you a 2nd or 3rd time for the upgraded tunes. You won't spend your wheels or waste your dollars. You can start with a stage 1 tune and upgrade as your budget allows up as far as your stock turbocharger allows as well.


2. Why are there multiple program options and are they the same as a stage 1-2 or so on?

 A. With an APR tune, we can load your ECU with multiple octane options in order to get the most out of your local fuels available. This is NOT the same as a stage 1 - 2 and so on. The switching of these multiple octane features can be done either with your cruise control stalk (does not require any hardware and will not disrupt your cruise control features), or using the APR Mobile device via Bluetooth to your iOS device (most models).


3. Do you need my car there in order to program/tune my vehicle?

 A. In most cases, yes. In some cases we can accommodate your tune with just the ECU. Please call us for more information.


4. Does APR have updates in the tune and are the updates free?

 A. Yes there are occasional updates. If we originally performed your tune, we will be more than happy to provide you with the upgrade free of charge. If you choose to have the upgrade done at another facility, it is possible they will charge you a small labor fee.


5. Does my ECU have to be removed in order to program/tune my car?

 A. This all depends on your Model. In some cases we do have to remove the ECU in order to program it. If we do, we re-seal the ECU's using the same factory sealant to protect it and we follow all precautionary measures in the programming process in order to prevent any mishaps just as we do in all our services performed.


Suspension Technical Questions:


1. Which are the front and rear springs?

 A. FRONT = Springs marked:  VA, or (F), or Front
REAR = Springs marked:  HA, or (R), or Rear


2. Which end of the spring is up?

 A. Most springs fit the same way that stock springs do. The shape of the spring is most important. If the spring is the same on both sides and fits the same either direction, then it is correct to install the spring with the closer coils “up”.
If the spring is smaller at one end and larger at the other, the orientation should match OEM factory installed springs.


3. Do I need an alignment when I install springs or suspension?
  A. Alignment should be checked after any suspension ride height modification.  Follow the guidelines in the factory service manual to ensure that alignment is as close to factory specification as possible.


4. Why do the part numbers on the spring box not match what is on the springs?
  A. The part number on the box is the product part number. The part number on the springs is a component part number.


5. If the springs are red doesn't always mean that it’s they are Race Springs?

 A. No.


6. How do I know the amount that springs lowered my vehicle?

 A. You should measure your ride height before and after suspension installation.  Measurements should be taken from the center of the axle (center of wheel) to the lip of the fender.


7. Do I need to trim my bumpstops?

 A. Not unless noted on the Technical Information sheet.

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