Neuspeed 370mm 6-Piston Front Big Brake Kit (Black) for VW MK5/6/7 & Audi 8P/8V A3/S3 / Q3 / TT MK2/3

  • Neuspeed 370mm 6-Piston Big Brake Kit (Black) for VW MK5/6/7 & Audi 8P/8V A3/S3 / Q3 / TT MK2/3 (99.10.47B)
  • Neuspeed 370mm 6-Piston Big Brake Kit (Black) for VW MK5/6/7 & Audi 8P/8V A3/S3 / Q3 / TT MK2/3 (99.10.47B)
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VW/Audi Performance Parts: Neuspeed 370mm 6-Piston Front Big Brake Kit (Black) for VW MK5/6/7 & Audi 8P/8V A3/S3 / Q3 / TT MK2/3 (99.10.47B)


Product Features & Benefits

CNC Machined Forged Aluminum Caliper Body
NEUSPEED Caliper is made from CNC machined Forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The forging process realigns the material grain structure which provides phenomenal strength and weight reduction compared to casted as well as billet calipers.

Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum Pistons
Sharing the same manufacturing process, the Forged 6061-T6 Pistons provide better strength and rigidity compared to the ones made from extruded billet material. The Type III hard anodize shields the pistons against oxidation and provides additional Rockwell hardness to the piston surface.

Internal Seals System
NEUSPEED Calipers features dual internal piston seals. The hydraulic seals are made from high temperature resistance composite material that are suitable against fatigue from day-to-day usage as well as high-temp competition abuse. The second seal, made from the same material, protects the hydraulic system from outside contaminants such as dust and moisture. This 'Internal Dust Seal' system is far more superior in durability compared to the dated external shield/boot system.

Matched Caliper
NEUSPEED is a specific VW/Audi tuning company and our calipers's piston surface and volume are engineered SPECIFICALLY to pair with MK7's factory master cylinders. Unlike other brake manufacturers, we do not pick whatever 6-piston calipers off the shelves and use them across the board on multiple different car makes and model. Mismatched caliper size can cause spongy feel or overly sensitive pedal feel, which then ruins the pedal modulation and not allowing for precise and responsive braking points.

Quick Pad Change System
NEUSPEED caliper is designed by and for enthusiasts. The first item on our engineering design list is to have the ability to quickly and conveniently swap the brake pads. The removable bridge and pins system allows user to swap pads without having to remove the caliper completely. Simply unbolt the top bridge, undo the guide pins, and slide out the pads, a quick 15 minute process!

Pad Wear Sensor Compatible
NEUSPEED big brake kit is the ONLY kit that utilizes VW/Audi factory sensor kit, while others require user to splice and bridge the sensor connector to avoid error light on the dash. TRUE OEM replacement.

Aerospace Grade Mounting Bracket
The only Big Brake Kit for VW/Audi models that utilizes 7075-T6 billet aluminum bracket, coated with Type III Mil-Spec Hard Anodized. This aerospace grade aluminum alloy gives the same strength and rigidity as solid steel with the faction of the weight. This bracket will give solid feedback to the pedal and not give unlike the typical 6061 material used by other manufacturers.

High Quality Hardware
All NEUSPEED Brake Kits include stainless steel brake lines with stainless steel fittings. The supplied caliper bolts are sourced from PORSCHE Motorsport ensuring the proper strength and dimensions to the application.

Introducing the all new NEUSPEED 6-Piston Big Brake Kit. It is a complete caliper replacement kit that is designed and engineered specifically for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

The issue with factory brakes is always the calipers, they are floating with only ONE large piston. This kit replaces the inferior factory calipers with Forged 6-Piston Caliper kit that will improve pedal modulation and stopping performance significantly.

*The NEUSPEED BBK Kit requires the use of Audi TTRS OEM 370mm brake rotor/disc.

Additional Details

**Installation of this Brake Kit require 19" wheels and some 18" may fit depending on individual wheel design, spacers may be required. All NEUSPEED 19" Wheels will fit with NO spacers.


  • Audi A3/S3(8P,8V) / Q3 / TT(MKII,III) and VW MK V, VI and VII.

Kit includes:

  • 6-Piston Caliper - Left
  • 6-Piston Caliper - Right
  • 1x Front Set of HAWK 5.0 Pads
  • 4x Caliper Bolt
  • 2x Caliper Mounting Bracket
  • 2x Front Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • 1x Brake Pad Wear Sensor
  • Installation and Break-In Instructions

Audi TTRS OEM Brake Rotor Required Part #:

  • 8J0 615 301 F - Old Version
  • 8J0 615 301 K - New Version: Solid Pins, Wider Veins and Cost More Money

NOTENEUSPEED Caliper uses Brembo "M" shape brake pad. Here is a list of different manufactures:

  • Brembo XA5.71.M2
  • Performance Friction 9125
  • Ferodo FDSR2099
  • Padgid 8061 
  • Hawk HB582

These part numbers reflect the pad’s shape, they are usually followed by another set of numbers that reference the compound formula.

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