If you’re going to improve the power of your vehicle, note that stock braking systems are not adequate for hard or sport driving. Brake system upgrades are a popular performance enhancement, shortening stopping distance while looking great with open-spoke wheels.

Brake Components

Brake Pads

Bigger brake pads help to improve the initial bite and reduce pedal travel.  Performance pads offer are also known to outlast stock brake pads and do not shorten rotor life.

Brake Lines

Many enthusiasts love the stainless steel covered teflon tube design used by performance brake lines, which are more durable than the stock rubber hoses and result in firm pedal control. 


Eurotek Tuning also carries many options for rotors.

Cross Drilled Rotors

Cross Drilled Rotors are basically rotors that have been cross drilled to allow the heat that builds up between the brake pad and rotor to escape through the drilled holes. Drilled rotors look great and are often considered an upgrade over OEM blank rotors.

Slotted Rotors

Slotted rotors improve reliability. Slots help pull brake dust away from the pads, allowing more of the pad’s surface area to come in contact with the rotor, which translates to better grips and better stops. Basically, you can stop your vehicle faster with the same effort.

Big Brake Kits

Big brake systems are designed to stop your car more efficiently and consistently. Larger calipers, vented discs, and exotic-compound pads increase heat capacity and heat dissipation, causing these upgraded braking systems to perform well under extreme temperatures.


Motul is the only brake fluid we offer here at Eurotek Tuning because we totally stand by this product which is completely 100% synthetic and specially designed for anti-locking brake systems (ABS).

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