Integrated Engineering IE450T Big Turbo Kit for VW MK6 Golf R (Left Hand Drive)

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VW Performance Parts: Integrated Engineering IE450T Big Turbo Kit for VW MK6 Golf R (Left Hand Drive) (IETPCB21)


Product Features & Benefits

  • Massive power increase capable of over 500HP
  • Quick low-RPM turbo spool delivers fast boost with no turbo lag
  • Huge powerband accelerates all the way to redline
  • Complete bolt-on turbo kit including software
  • Supercar acceleration with built in launch control and no-lift-shifting
  • Most advanced and fastest available turbocharger system for the MK6 Golf R


  • 91 octane power gains
    +176 WHP
    +154 FT-LB
    411WHP / 402 FT-LB
  • 93 octane power gains
    +191 WHP
    +171 FT-LB
    426WHP @6100RPM / 419 FT-LB @ 4500RPM
  • 100 octane power gains *Tuned with Sunoco GT260 100 octane
    +225 WHP
    +183 FT-LB
    460WHP @ 6100RPM / 431 FT-LB @ 4500RPM
  • 104 octane power gains *Tuned with Sunoco GT260 Plus or VP MS109 fuel
    +245 WHP
    +200 FT-LB
    480WHP @6100RPM / 431 FT-LB @ 4500RPM

  The IE 450T MK6 Golf R kit is a complete turbo upgrade system based on a twin-scroll BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbocharger, which offers larger power gains than other kits on the market, while offering faster spool time. Included with the kit is everything needed to upgrade, including hardware and software. In bolt-on form, the kit will increase horsepower to roughly 450bhp on stock engine internals, with the capability of over 500bhp if a built engine is utilized.

  As it hit the drawing board, the idea was simple: develop a turbo kit for the MKVI Golf R which not only significantly increases the power output of the vehicle, but also greatly enhances the driving experience. Car enthusiasts, including Integrated Engineering, are often apprehensive when it comes to big turbo upgrades, as larger turbos carry a reputation of increasing turbo lag. IE wanted to offer a kit that would increase the power without making the car lose its amazing street-friendly daily drivability. Fast forward through over two years of development… IE is pleased to announce the Integrated Engineering 450T EFR turbo kit for MK6 Golf R.

Additional Details

Required Supporting Modifications:

  • IE HPFP To support the added horsepower of the IE450T MK6 Golf R turbo kit, an upgraded high pressure fuel pump is required. The IE HPFP works effectively to increase the output of the high pressure fuel system, by using a piston and cylinder that offers 50% more displacement than the factory unit. Part #'s: IEFUVC1 IEFUVC2 IEFUVC3
  • IE450T High-FLow Cat Midpipe - A midpipe is required in order to connect the IE450T downpipe to the cat-back. The IE 3 inch stainless steel midpipe mates to the IE450T downpipe with a leak free V-band seal. The rear of the midpipe can easily be connected to the rear portion of your exhaust with a band clamp. A high-flow cat is also included in the midpipe, allowing more flow without the worry of failing emissions testing, as well as ensuring safer operation of no lift shifting and launch control. IE recommends using a Milltek cat-back system with the IE450T turbo kit and midpipe; fitment of other exhaust brands have not been confirmed.  Part #: IEEXCC1
  • IE FDS Intercooler - To support the massively increased boost pressure and flow rates of the IE450T kit, a quality performance intercooler is required. The IE FDS intercooler is the best performing and only intercooler of its kind on the market. The addition of the unique FDS system and largest core volume results in keeping your air intake temperatures as low as possible. IE's end tanks feature the FDS (Flow Distribution System), which is totally unique to the IE intercooler. By incorporating flow distribution channels into the inlet side end tank, air is evenly distributed from the top to bottom of the core, maximizing cooling efficiency.  Part #: IETPCB1
  • Catback Exhaust System - IE has designed their turbo kit to mate with the IE midpipe, which is a direct fit for the Milltek cat-back exhaust system. Milltek is Integrated Engineering's exhaust system of choice for the MK6 Golf R, offering the best fitment and sound for your vehicle. Both the resonated and non-resonated versions are available. Part #'s:
  • IE450T Cold Air Intake KitThe IE450T cold air intake is a direct fit that easily plumbs your intake to the oversize MAF housing. This intake incorporates an open style filter and mandrel bent tube for aggressive sound and superior flow. The heat shield directs air flow from the front of the engine bay directly at the filter to keep intake temperatures as low as possible. The heat shield also uses the factory mounting points used by the stock air box which ensures easy installation and secure mounting. A velocity stack is utilized inside the filter for superior flow to the 3.5" inlet pipe. The velocity stack also functions as a rigid and clean pass-through the heat shield to avoid rattling pipes, which are commonly seen with other intake kits.  This intake is perfectly calibrated to IE450T turbo kit software. Consistent MAF readings delivered by using the IE450T cold air intake will ensure that your turbo kit performs to its full potential. Part #: IEINCC1


How does this kit compare to others on the market?
The IE450T kit has proven to be the best performing kit on the market, offering both the fastest spool time and the highest power output. Along with that, we utilize a genuine BorgWarner EFR turbocharger, which have proven to be much more reliable than others available. Not even the finest detail was overlooked in the development in our kit, making it the most plug-and-play, reliable kit your money can buy.

Will this turbo kit fit my car?
This turbo kit was designed to fit left hand drive, 2012-2013 MK6 Golf R applications, with the belt-drive FSI engines only.

Does this kit include everything needed to install?
The IE450T kit is an all-inclusive turbo kit, including all parts necessary for installation. However, several supporting modifications are required, which we sell separately. Along with the turbo kit, you will need an IE FDS intercooler, IE HPFP, IE450T cold air intake kit, Milltek cat-back exhaust system, and IE midpipe. These parts are sold separately, as many people already have these installed on their vehicle.

Will I need to upgrade engine internals for this kit?
In base form, the IE450T kit is designed to work with a completely stock engine. For the 100 octane software tune, a built bottom and valve springs are needed at the minimum.

Does this kit fit RHD models, or just LHD?
At this time, we have only confirmed fitment on left-hand drive models. We do have plans to offer a kit for right-hand drive models in the near future.

How do I install the IE performance software?
Included with each turbo kit is the IE PowerLink V2 flash loader, which allows you to flash your car from the comfort of your driveway. Simply connect to a laptop and use the provided instructions to update the software on your ECU.

What is the approximate labor time to install the IE450T kit?
The recommended install time for a professional technician is 8-12 hours.

Can I use another brand intercooler, HPFP, or exhaust? Will my current cold air intake fit with the IE450T kit?
We have designed the IE450T kit to work seamlessly with the IE FDS intercooler, IE HPFP, and IE midpipe. However, other intercoolers, HPFPs, and midpipes may work, but we have not confirmed fitment. Since the IE FDS intercooler features the largest core volume available, other intercoolers may not sufficiently cool charge air, resulting in power loss.

I don't need the complete turbo kit, can I buy individual components separately?
The IE450T kit is only sold complete, with no core components sold separately. If you have purchased a kit and need replacement parts, please contact us.

Can I use another company's ECU tune with the IE450T kit?
The IE450T kit includes software, which must be used for proper operation. We do not recommend running the car with the IE450T kit installed unless the IE performance software has been flashed to the ECU.

Will I need a low pressure fuel pump upgrade to support the IE450T kit?
The IE450T kit in base form does not require a low pressure fuel pump upgrade. We have optimized our turbo kit to get the most out of the factory low pressure fuel supply. If more than 450HP is desired then pistons, rods, and a low pressure fuel pump upgrade may be required.

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